Final Proyect almost done!

Here is the link to the audiovisual pece I’ve been working on, though still I need finish.

The procces to get all the pictures was huge and still is open, so I was looking after to get all, and modify them. I got around , I don’t know, hundres? haha and most of them where in RAW format, so with the time I had related to the course (here in Spain) and that my computer come back to life, but as if it wasn’t really (the poor can’t do almost anything ) it was crazy to upload them as I was getting them…

Well, I focus the video to an surveillance screen aestethics, playing with the idea of the detector , and the latest discussions about privacy and security. Here, in this piece I uploaded on youtube I’ve focused more in the consume society, the pills as shorts ways to get healthy or beatiful bodies, applied to female body, and the pressure of the new fashion style of life in thecurrent western society (gyms, organic products, healthy life, beauty strandars…) as the main points, but now I’m going to include some medical pictures (X-rays, etc.) I got during this time, though I’m conscious about how specify must be the use to not get them work just as more amount os pictures without coherence…


exhibitions and …

I’ve got around myself, on the table, a few exhibitions’ leaftlets I’ve visit from March. In fact there is nothing really related to the women topic except one of them. I’ve been at Miquel Miro, at Caixa Forum, the place was full of people so I didn’t see all the exhibition and left soon.

The same day, I went to La Casa Encendida, to see “Estudio franquicia” by Ryan Mcginness, visiting the studio he created in one of the rooms (but without him) and his works. It was interesting the presentation of the exhibition as it was on hte process to put everything on the place (such as paintings on the floor, or marks on the walls).

The last week I went to see on the 6th April, Isidro Blasco “Aquí huidizo” exhibitions. I quite like all, but the video he played at one little room, most of all. It was between autobiographic and oneiric, simple and maybe a bit poetic. But I suppose the most interesting thing of his work is just the other part, all the homes, spaces he represent as collages with pictures, and woods or papers, as a bit impossible situations (as M.C.Escher?) well, not exactly like that…

This Monday I went to see zombie shorts at “Casa Encendida” and it was a good surprise!!! Really funny, well done with different points of view about zombies topic. The thing I liked more were the uses of stereotypes of situations (as the sexuality talk with teenagers), or images of people we have through TV (series, documentals, etc.) i.e. american people, as cheerleaders, or a bussines man…

(Sorry, I’ve just copy from the web the programm),0,73537_2246225_73530%24P1%3D16,00.html

  • Food For Thought, de Will Hartman EE.UU., 2008. 9 min
    Dos impulsivos estudiantes zombis aprenden una lección de abstinencia después de ser pillados por su profesora.
  • Arbeit Für Alle, de Matthias Vogel y Thomas Overlies. Alemania, 2008 13 min
    Documental de ficción en el que se muestra una visión futurista del mundo laboral. Un futuro de horror.
  • La curiosa conquista del ampere, de Ramón Orozco. México, 2008 12 min
    La increíble historia del joven electricista Chincoya, que muere accidentalmente en su lugar de trabajo al recibir una descarga eléctrica.
  • Paris by night of the living dead, de Grégory Morin. Francia, 2009 12 min
    París ha sido conquistada por una horda de zombis. Los muertos vivientes invaden sus calles y sus monumentos más emblemáticos. Una pareja acaba de casarse en Notre-Dame, y al salir de la catedral tendrá que luchar contra los zombis que los persiguen.
  • Zombie-american, de Nick Poppy EE.UU., 2005. 7 min
    Glen, un zombi amante de la lectura y los crucigramas, busca al amor de su vida.
  • I love Sarah Jane, de Spencer Susser. Australia, 2007. 14 min
    Jimbo tiene 13 años y sólo piensa en Sarah Jane. Ni la violencia, ni el caos, ni los zombis le impedirán entrar en su universo.

Audiovisual skecht

This short piece is the one I based (or followed) the idea of the project, though the final one is going to be more focused to the surveillance, is going to have the part of the real body, the fragments of the body we try to work or change to be closer to the “ideal body” (of course based in the female body)

Defenitive project

Ok I’ve already have the project on my mind!! Yuhuu! I need to organize all the steps, materials and techniques becouse I’ve got not too much time! (and also I’ve got 4 more projects to do ’til May…

First of all I need to organize the blog, talk about the meeting with Catherine Elwes (It was when I was still in London), about the books and authors she told me, and I’ ve got here, upload the audiovisual piece I’ve made, and the sketches, and pictures of the final project. Yes, I know I must do it now! But I’m still without my computer, so I need a bit more timeto do it all!! But I’m beggining now…now!so I have to desconect this! bye!

Without Sleep

It’s been ages ( This is becoming an usual sentence on my blog…) Well, I can sleep! I don’t have my computer (equal, I don’t have my life, yes, I know this it’s a bit sad haha) and I’m beggining to feel like the beggining of the course, a bit lost…Grrr
Most of all, I’ve been doing some audiovisual sketches to one of the subjects, so, two of them have nothing to do with the project theme, but other one (the one I still have to finish, and I had to redo becouse of my computer is on strike..), is related, but further from the uterus’ ultrasound scan and closer to the aesthetic and surgery theme (the pressures, etc.) I hope I can upload it soon…
The thing is that I can find my personal focus on some of the point I’m working, well, of course I’ve got my personal, and maybe critic point of view,but not in the artistic way, so I’m just tinking to stop thinking and work more with the images I’m more close to, with the current situation…and the idea of the medical history to build my personal profile, as we all build the ones we have on the net or on the daily life. Yes, I know, I’m taking my time hahahaha (well, I don’t know until which point is really funny, but I con do anything about this…)
I feel I’m trying to work with something bigger, I mean, in the material and technic level, and I need to work more with the time level. Or maybe I need a lobotomy…
Well, this week here inMadrid in the Reina Sofia there are some lectures abot feminism which seems really inerestings….though becouse classes I can’tgo to all, I’ll try to go to some of them.
Or also I can work with all the hour I had to wait to different transport, or my good luck with the machines…


Well, I’m not going to say nothing really “deep” about it, just to let the world know that I think that I’ve already get reconciliation with it, maybe I can say even that I understand how it works hahahaha. I just need to get one and practice my knowledge (turning on and off lights…hahah joking)

Kinetic Art Fair…uff this was a long LONG time ago haha

Well, I have to write a bit about the kinetic art fair, though it was a long time ago!! I’ve got some interesting pictures about works, but  I’m not sure about upload them in the net (…) and anyway, my computer is death (great! hahah). It was really great, the talks and the exhibition. About the lectures, in general I liked a lot, the close talking to the spectators, I mean they where explaining the projects, the process, the way they built them, the troubles…without “secrets”, I mean it was a very open talk explaining everything, which is not common.  About robots and avatars, was veryyyy interesting, because I was reading about it and there was people working in different fields of it, so we could know the projects they are working with currently, the situation, about the future expectations…And the disscusion afterwards was also good, the questions and the answers (I mean, very appropiated, and critics) though there was a general vision very confident in the technologic future (avatars, etc.) and the other point of view centrated in the “romantic” thinking of if we are our true ourselves…I mean, it was a manicheistic discussion about the life on and off line. I don’t know until which point we were disscussing if “is good” or true or..about something that is happening from a long time already, and that is already part of a big portion of the people, and of the society (bussines, relationships, etc.) like if is something that maybe is or not correctly that happen.. (well, I think I’m losing the point hahaha) Anyway, the lecture about the immersive technologies, etc. was more about the projects of groups of people, etc. so it was more concrete so less open to disscus about the situation of the technology, etc. but it was very extended to different fields, we could see holograms, and other pieces, and knowing nowadays works and ways to do them.

The performances in the afternoon, were videojocking in direct, with Holograms, and very impressive!! Thugh I went before it finished because it was full of people, and I was beggining to feel very stressed and pissed off!! hehehe

About the exhibition there was lots of different kinds of works, from different decades. It was maaarvellous the use of different technologies, not only as means for the pieces, but part fundamental of the concept, and process.

Personally, I found lots of works close to the women representation, etc. buut I was confident about the catalog having all the works and names, and now I found after that I can search about some artist because I don’t know who made these works hahaha

I will write about some of them when my computer will be back (I hope…sniff sniff)